Reproductive Medicine

Reproductive medicine is a department of medicine that deals with prevention, diagnosis and management of reproductive problems Reproductive medicine goals include improving or maintaining reproductive health and allowing people to have children at a time of their choosing. It is form on knowledge of reproductive anatomy, physiology, and endocrinology, and incorporates applicable aspects of molecular biology, biochemistry and pathology.

Reproductive medicine addresses matters of sexual education, adolescence, family planning, birth control, infertility, reproductive system disease and erotic dysfunction. In women, reproductive medicine also covers menstruation, pregnancy and menopause, as well as gynaecologic complication that affect fertility.

The field work together with and connections mainly with reproductive endocrinology and infertility, sexual medicine and anthology, but also to some grade with gynaecology, obstetrics, urology, genitourinary medicine, therapeutic endocrinology, paediatric endocrinology, genetics, and psychiatry.

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